A Touch Of Paradise Book Podcast #01

Please enjoy the first podcast, from A Touch of Paradise Book.

In this podcast Bruni Ewing will be read a couple paragraphs from chapter eight.

Excerpt from chapter 8, ‘A Touch Of Paradise’ Book

He started to hasten towards me and then we were both running towards each other.  He caught me in his arms and I threw mine around his neck in a strangling embrace.   He hugged me to him, his strong arms tightly around my shoulders and waist.  His lips were warm and soft upon mine.  When I opened my eyes, his dark brown ones were gazing into my own.  We held each other tightly and his quickening heart-beat was against my breast.

            “Oh, my sweet Darling.”  He whispered.

            He was all that mattered at that moment on the moonlight beach with billions of stars overhead.  I pressed even closer to him because I cherished him so.

            And the tropical night swallowed us while the whispering waves sang to us.

Podcast with Bruni Ewing and Chris Sullivan