A Touch Of Paradise Book Podcast #02

The sweet pure chords of a violin drifted up to our little haven. We began to sway to the music, clinging to each other, hardly moving at all. How absolutely smooth and wonderfully warm his skin always felt. He touched my lips with his fingertips and traced love.

How we arrived back at the club, I do not know. How we got into the taxi, I do not know. I remember saying goodnight. How he sat in the front seat and squeezed my hand which lay on the back of the leather seat. How he smiled happily at me with his dark brown eyes. How he disappeared into the night, up the steps of his own home. I remember driving up the hill in the taxi to our house. How the still night air felt against my bare skin. How the wilting yellow water lily rested in my lap. How the frogs sang, calling to each other in that warm tropical night of enchantment.

(From Chapter 14)